hiding out in fandom

because reality sucks and canon isn't much better

24 May
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I'm 21, brunette, and short. Woohoo! I mostly write Supernatural fanfic, but I'm attempting to branch out into writing some of my other fandoms, Criminal Minds, Avengers, Good Omens, Suits and a few others. Haven't managed to post anything for them yet, but someday I will be confident enough in my characterization to post things, I promise. I'm not picky about pairings, and rarepairs are my favorite thing in the world. (Though I have an incredible weakness for Sam/Gabriel because they're just so perfect and I adore them.) I love minor characters, with all the heartache that entails for me, lol.

Well. That's more coherent than the last bio, right? *shrug* Good enough.

Also I LOVE MY FLIST, they're AMAZING! ♥

The Law of Artists, courtesy of bballgirl3022:
1. Don't upset the muses.
2. Come when the muses call.